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House Way - Zinc & chrome plated wire shelves


Steel Wire Shelving with Five Finishes Available:

Our range of steel wire shelving can be ordered in a choice of five different finishes:

  • chrome plated
  • epoxy powder coating
  • chrome plated + epoxy powder coating
  • zinc plated + epoxy powder coating
  • Stainless Steel

Depending on your requirements we are happy to be able to provide you with a finish that is most suited to the environment you wish to use our wire shelves in. We recommend different finishes that are appropriate for your industry requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the advantages of each finish, offer advice and any other information that will help you choose the correct solution.

Making the correct choice ensures that your shelving systems will last.

Wire Modular Shelving with many choices of finishs and sizes

All of our shelving finishes resist rust, chips, and corrosion. Below is some information about each finish. For more details, please contact us now.

Chrome Plated Shelving
Chrome plating gives your shelves a very attractive engaging appearance perfect for display purposes with a very modern, high-tech feel at economical price. This chrome finish has been been proven to be a favorite for dry storage.


Epoxy Powder Coated Shelving
Epoxy powder coating finish is our most inexpensive finish. The epoxy powder coating on your shelving makes it ideal for inventory storage in wet and dry areas; whether it is in the kitchen or in a refrigerator / freezer. This coating is also resistant to chemical and acid. Black and white color are popular.


Chrome Plated & Epoxy Powder Coated Shelves
This finish is the most expensive choice out of four finsh. It does however guarantee the most protective finish that will ensure your wire shelves are as hard-wearing as they can be. This top quality finish is free from rust and storngly resistant to chemical, acid, abrasion, and corrosion.Used in all evironmental condition.


Zinc Plated & Epoxy Powder Coated Shelves
As with the Chrome Plated & Epoxy Powder Coated Shelving option, the zinc offers more protection and durability than just the Epoxy Powder Coated Shelving. However the use of zinc instead of chrome makes this finish a little cheaper. This strong durable finish resemble the chrome plated appearance. Ideal for sever temprature and mosture envrionment, such as dry storage, coolers / heaters, and refrigerator / freezer.


Stainless Steel Shelves
Stainless steel is very suitable for many kinds of environments such as high mosisture and extreme temprature room or warehouse. Stainless steel shelves provides absolute stability and durability with attractive finish. Of cource, it has excellent resistance to rust and corrosion


Below is a quick list of the shelving finishes in order of price (the most expensive option is first):

  1. Stainless Steel Wire Shelves -- most expensive finish
  2. Chrome Plated + Powder Coated
  3. Zinc Plated + Epoxy Powder Coated
  4. Chrome Plated
  5. Epoxy Powder Coating -- most cost-effective finish

If you would like more detailed information about these finishes available on many of our steel wire shelving systems, please contact our expert staff today!

Need more information? Send us an inquiry now!



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